Custom Bakery Pick Up Orders

Better for You Bakery is NOT a storefront retail stop and shop bakery.    Bakery items, granola and bakery mixes can be PRE ordered and picked up only via bakery location.  I will not be attending any further events or Farmer’s Markets in 2018.  All custom made ready to eat items can be frozen to extend time to enjoy up to 90 days or longer in some cases just follow instructions on your label.  Please contact BFYB to personally discuss any other special custom order requests you might have with Tina.  All items are always Gluten free and Peanut free as I don’t bake anything with gluten or peanuts in it.  Many of my items can easily be made vegan or free of other allergens.  I may from time to time make changes to this menu so before ordering always review it for updates.

Local Bakery Pickup Orders: 


Bakery Pick Up Pre-Orders:  Please remember to include any allergen avoidance(s), frosting types or colors if applicable and your full name and contact # as well as which market and date you plan to pick up your order.  You should also expect a confirmation response to let you know I received and can accept your order in my schedule and to address any questions I may have. Please watch for that and confirm.  Orders can be emailed to : or sent via Facebook messenger or called in to (515) 391 – 9549.


Large dollar orders may include cancellation policies and prepayment via Paypal.  If this applies I’ll advise otherwise payment is expected when you pick up your items  via cash or credit.  Cash is preferable so I don’t loose money in paypal fees and it allows me to keep my pricing lower overall as well.  No checks!

Cinnamon Rolls – 1 dozen for $24 

  1. Allergen Free – Made free of all 8 Major Food Allergens (Vegan)
  2. Standard – Includes Milk & Egg Allergens
  3. Standard with Walnuts – Includes Milk, Egg & Walnut Allergens


English Muffins

Pre-split so ready to eat or freeze and toast – $12 Allergen Free/Vegan

 12 plain original

12  Cranberry/Blueberry

12 Italian & Chives


Chocolate Chip – Minimum Order is 2 dozen – $10.   Includes Milk, Egg, Soy

Oatmeal Toffee – Minimum Order is 2 dozen – $12.   Includes Milk, Egg, Soy, Almonds

Frosted Sugar Cookies (larger rounds) – 1 dozen for $15, includes egg, milk or can be ordered Allergen Free/(Vegan) *I’ll need to know if any alternate requested shape, frosting color/design/sprinkles request etc….

Cupcakes & Cakes

* If you order cake/cupcakes it is your responsibility to ensure they are eaten promptly (see label) or if you are traveling that they are kept in a cool vehicle or cooler with ice bricks because in heat and sun real buttercream frosting does melt. In your home just keep them in a cool location.  Your fridge will usually dry out your cake so keep in cool location and eat or freeze per label instructions. You can freeze them in freezer safe packaging, let thaw and enjoy up to 90 days.   

Standard size Cupcakes:  1 dozen 1 flavor 1 frosting type – $19

Mini Cupcakes:  2 dozen – $13

Cake:  6″ 2 tier – $14,   2 tier 8″ – $20 or a 9 x 13 – $27 * Extra toys and additions or extensive detail work may incur additional charges.

Cupcake/Cake Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla

Frosting Flavor:  Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha, Vanilla with Color(s), Mock Cream Cheese (it will taste like it but not have actual cream cheese in the frosting for stability at room temperature)

**MOST Cupcakes can be made allergen free/vegan if needed otherwise they may include milk, egg, soy allergens unless you indicate to avoid those allergens.  


Available as 1 dozen 1 flavor for $13

Chocolate – Order as Allergen Free/Vegan or Standard with Egg, Milk Allergens

Blueberry -Standard includes egg, milk allergens or may be ordered Vegan but will include coconut allergen

Snickerdoodle – Includes egg, milk, soy allergens due to the cinnamon chips no exceptions.

Cornbread Order as Allergen Free/Vegan *includes honey so if you don’t eat honey please advise when ordering or can be ordered as Standard with Egg, Milk Allergens



Angel Food Cake – includes eggs – $12

Turtle Mocha Angel Food Cake – Includes eggs, milk, soy, pecans or can be ordered without pecans – $15

Mixes & Granola –  If you review them on the product page they will show as “out of stock” because I am no longer shipping to other states at this time only for bakery pick up.  I 

I have discontinued the Multi-Grain mix and will no longer accept orders for it.